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Friday, August 08, 2008

Summer Enrichment Program at UNC: what I did on my summer vacation...

Guerilla -environmental art; "Starfish," by SEP student

guerilla weaving on UNC campus

(Portable) camera obscura, part of the Cold Case Renaissance project. Students attempted to replicate David Hockney's theory that Renaissance painters "cheated" with lenses.

For four weeks this summer, I worked with gifted middle and high school students from across the country and around the world, as part of the University of Northern Colorado's Summer Enrichment Program. This was the final piece of my Master's Degree program in Gifted Education. I offered three different classes, two which I piloted in previous years at RMS, and one new one, which I created on site this summer. The classes were:

Cold Case Renaissance

Guerilla Art

Poetic Inspiration for Artists

SEP students engaged in low-impact, mostly legal, unauthorized art in public spaces this summer on the University of Northern Colorado campus.

Bike Path Alterations

Grafitti art

Grafitti wall at UNC campus.

maticulously responsible grafitti artists get some practice in at the wall near Ross hall, on the UNC campus.

Stencil art for grafitti piece

Final celebration and display.

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