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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

The Pale Blue Pants with Nobody in Them

Sometimes the line between Art and Life is blurred. Form vs Function. Decoration vs Utility...ART vs PANTS!

Painter's Pants! By"N", age 11 "N" arrived for art with these pants, explaining that they were getting too small, so she planned to use them for a painting. By the end of the day she was seen proudly wearing the new art pants.

Friday, April 22, 2005

RMS Arts Showcase 2005 Impresses

The Arts Showcase Featured 64 pieces of art from students in each of the classes. The work this year was especially inventive, varied and original, each displayed with an artist's statement. Some examples follow:

The Whale, By "M", Age 10

Oil Resist By "Z" Age 8

Small Figure by "K", age 12

Painted silk scarf by "S" Age 13

"Servant of Apollo" By "J" Age 10

Glue drawing on black paper with pastel, By "E" Age 7

Maurauder's Map By "L", Age 9
This map folds up to a standard road map size and is carried almost everywhere. It was displayed at the Arts Showcase along side an earlier prototype, which is "not accurate", and had been intentionally "distressed" with water to make it look wrinkled and worn.

This fancy feathered facade (okay, it's a MASK) started out as a kinetic drawing on the "drawing machine" (an old Fisher Price record player).

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

A Comedy of Errors in Full Swing

Monday and Thursday Mornings belong to the theater. Both middle school classes are working in small groups to produce “The Play”. While actors rehearse on stage and outside, the set design crew is busy painting flats in the art room. Meanwhile, the music room is transformed for costume design, production and fitting. There is a lot to be done in a short time, the play opens April 29th.

Student's sketches were projected onto the 4'X8' "Flats" and drawn in with chalk. Donated house paint was then used to create the paintings that will depict the city of Ephesus.In all, students painted 8 flats, plus four smaller panels, to produce a convincing harbor street.

Set taking shape

Ready For The RMS Arts Showcase 2005!

This annual event features artwork selected by the students for exhibition. Each piece of art is accompanied by an artist’s statement. The variety and originality of the work this year is notable, as the work is from the first year of our Choice-Based Art Program.
The work gets hung tomorrow…more pictures to follow.

"Jouster" By "N", Age 10

"Urik" By "J", Age 10

Friday, April 01, 2005

Using a brayer and printing ink came very easily to this student in "Ms. E's" class today. He made two prints of this collagraph plate.

Printmaking Center Now Open!

A new center has opened this week in my choice classroom. Printmaking has replaced the Puppet Center. (puppet makers still have all the same materials available, but will have to look in the “Construction Center” and the “Fabrics and Fibers Center”). Younger classes have been introduced to monotype, printing with the edges of card board shapes (stamping), found object printing and collagraph techniques. Older classes were shown relief printing as well as collagraph, monotype and stamping. I plan to demonstrate intaglio printing to older classes next week, and will surprise them with a small printing press that I happen to have stored in my basement.

Relief printing. One color was offered, a second soon requested.

"Symbol" - "N", Age 10

"I made a human wearing a hat. Look! Railroad tracks!" - "A" , Age 5

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