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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Did You Know? (video)

"We are living in exponential times."
I showed this video ("Did You Know" - posted on You Tube) to our staff at our recent "Wednesday Workshop" collaboration meeting. It was created by a Colorado teacher (from Durango High School) and is being viewed and discussed around the world.
Click on the green title above to view video

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Big Ideas and Independant Artists

(Almost)6 year old "C" had an idea too big to be contained on one 18"X 24"paper (or the table!). He solved the problem quickly and skillfully, without my assistance.


There is not enough space in the art studio for all the centers we dream of. The mask center occupies a small space that has been designated as an "ephemeral center." Next month, it will morph into a calligraphy center...

Family Album

4-year old "H" made a book about her family. There is a portrait of a different family member on each page, even one of her cat.

The Start of Something Big?

Colored tape and paer towel tubes continue to be favorite media in the sculpture center. Students who favor tape as a surface choice, need to learn about "burnishing," in order to have the tape stay stuck.

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