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Saturday, September 17, 2005

"Nature Rising"- Students sit at the river"s edge and share a contemplative moment.


Mr. Bee’s class and several parents went with Nan to experience the 1st Annual Sculpture Trail in Lyons last week. Winding through town, this interactive experience felt as much like a scavenger hunt as an art exhibit. The artwork was fresh and accessible leaving us feeling as though we were all part of a special “happening”. The theme: “Nature Rising” was interpreted by various local artists, including area children, and has inspired RMS students to begin their own sculpture trail at school. Keep your eyes open for subtle changes in the environment in and around school in the weeks to come…

Hidden in the corner of a gated window rests part of the "Ancient Village" . Visitors may walk right by this tiny installation, unseeing. Our group walked right by this little corner adobe twice, before a pair of young alert eyes spotted it.

Special black stones retrieved earlier in the sculpture walk are carried here, to be placed into a group collaboration. Do you see one spiral, or two?

This fanciful flying creature was created by a middle school student using animal print papers and "wet on wet with salt" watercolor textured paper.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Kim's class used the Collage Center to create covers for thier "Idea Books"

Artist's Journals

New this year is the introduction of “idea books” at every age level at RMS. Older students were asked to bring a sketchbook of the size and shape they preferred, while younger students were issued composition books to turn into Artist’s journals.
Many artists keep journals. They are a collection of thoughts, ideas, impressions, often recorded visually through sketches, collages and written words. Artwork can be planned and plotted here; memories recaptured and future plans laid out. As working artists, RMS students are now equipped with this valuable tool.

Saturday, September 03, 2005

"At first, I thought the eagle was black, so I colored it all black, but then I noticed it was brownish too, so I added brown over the black."
A six year old student draws from a photo he selected from the "Image File" in the Drawing Center, on the first day of art, 2005

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