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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

RMS Represented at National Art Education Conference

Two RMS artists were represented in NYC in a TAB (Teaching for Artistic Behavior) display of student art from Classrooms across the US. This prominent display served to inform over 5,000 attendees about Choice-based art education.

Guerrilla Tactics NAEA NYC 2007

"Frida Kahlo" Speaks out for the Guerrilla Girls and equal rights for women and minority artists at the National Art Education Association annual Conference in New York. My hero.


9 Year old AE was not satisfied with his first attempt at designing a catapult. He made a second attempt, modifying materials and design, and it was better. But it wasn't until he made a third version that he felt satisfied with the result. The progression illustrates "Artistic Process", and shows how an artist explores and experiements with materials and design, getting to know what will work and what will not.

Printing Press

AP worked all period making Collagraph prints on the small etching press stationed in the Printmaking Center. He learned about getting the right amount of ink onto his "plate" and how to operate this sweet little real artist's press.


By BFM, Age 5
This painting was made after celebrating the Chinese new year. In the picture, the Allosaurus is fighting with a long, many-footed Chinese Dragon from the parade. The artist is there inside the dragon costume...the last set of legs.
"Ocean Depths", By AL, Age 5
"This is a tuns caught in a net. you see a big fish saying "help", that's the Tuna. Theres a dolphn playing freeze-tag with a shark, because he is a friend. There is treasure on the bottom, and a few rocks."

Middle School Elective: Altered Books

TB, Age 13
Altered book by BT, Age 12

Altered POCKETbook

After completing an altered book, TB, age 13, embarked on a "variation on a theme", altering this pocketbook

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