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Monday, December 26, 2005

Notch and Slot

This nearly seven year old student envisioned sculpture in a new, larger scale when he crafted this dinosaur from cardboard pieces and tubes. Usually a master of found object sculpture, this student experimented with “slot construction” to make his creature sturdy and strong. He desired little adornment of the cardboard surface, adding facial details at the last minute of class.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005


By "N", age 9.
"I got the idea from “Lord of the Rings”, from “The Return of the King” – which is the only one I saw all of. One day I thought I would make one of these, but it looked too hard. But then when I started, I didn’t give up.”

Style and Structure

“C”, age 8, has developed an elegant way to use “Art Straws” to build dragon wings.

Flip Book Fanciers

Middle school students are exploring the mechanics of flip books. Some students have used stickers to advance their story line, others have drawn free hand. Here, “F” uses a series of templates to engineer his illustrations.

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