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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Mosaic Workshop

Do you see the Big Blue Elephant?
Self Portrait in ceramic and glass tile.
At RMS, we have a new innovation called "Wednesday Workshop". This is an extended block of time, each week, in which learners can focus on a topic, dwell on an idea, try something new and work in smaller groups. This two hour space is set aside to facilitate greater depth and complexity of learning. A half hour reflection time follows, to allow learners the opportunity to assess thier experience. In the art studio, we try to focus on topics and ideas that would be difficult to do given the regular contrints of 50 minute classes. With fewer students, and more time, the learning can be fuller and richer. These mosaics were created during a recent Wednesday workshop by 9-11 year old students. They were later grouted during their regular class period, which allowed the learning to spill over into the experience of the regular classroom.

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