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Saturday, September 08, 2007

Inspired by Moroccan weavers...

(12 yr. old "Z'" learns to weave)
I hadn’t even said “Good Morning” to my new group of middle school students, on the first day of school when one eager artist asked; “Will you teach me to weave?”
“Z” had to wait until the second day of art class before beginning this weaving on a wooden lap loom.
He not only had to learn how to weave (‘over-under over-under, reverse to come back…’) but he had to learn to tie a knot, in order to join one color to the next.
I asked “Z” where he got such an interest in weaving, and he told me it was from visiting Morocco. “This past summer?” I inquired. “No”, he replied, a couple of years ago. I saw a lot of weaving there and it was interesting to watch the weavers at work.”
Since beginning this weaving, he has stared a new color and has been joined by a classmate, who has started a piece on our other wooden lap loom.
In a choice based art studio, young artists are free to follow their individual interests and learn new skills at their own pace.

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