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Saturday, October 28, 2006


Leather Scrap, CD's, Faom Shapes...and a Cheese Box? "A" , age 10, has crafted a bear from found objects.

("MS" and BK" age 6, admire their day's work)

The mask center in our art studio is fairly simple. Basic mask materials are there and a single question: “Why do people wear masks?” I have a box of masks handy. Students enjoy trying on different ones. There are feathered mardegras masks, plaster masks made by past students, Victorian half masks, paper dust or germ filtering masks, wooden carved masks from Africa (well, from T.J.Max), and Halloween masks. Younger students often use paper plates as a mask starter. Older students usually favor plaster or papier mache' . It is important to have a mirror at the ready, and a camera!

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