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Wednesday, March 01, 2006


6 ½ year old “T” declared that he was going to build something, then sketch what he produced. I showed him the book Design Technology (listed under ‘Recommended Reading’ at right) and specifically a page in which a young artist had done just that. He discovered inspiration within these pages. There were diagrams of inventions, parts lists and photos of student created innovations. “T” set out to refer to a page in this book, not to re-produce what was shown, but as a place of departure for his own ideas. He wanted to craft a “connecter” that would swivel. I showed him some jumbo wooded tongue depressors and a hand drill. At first I held the parts in place, but “T” soon discovered that if he used his feet, he could do it himself (this was an advantageous position, as it placed his chin in a good spot to add downward pressure to the drill. This looks like it will be along term project, with a wealth of possibilities for growth and discovery.

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