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Sunday, November 06, 2005

Graffiti in the Wild

Art or Vandalism? This is an ongoing point of discussion with the middle school students involved in my Graffiti and Guerrilla Art elective. Last week we climbed into the old van (the new van seemd too posh for this trip) to search out graffiti in it’s natural habitat. We visited an abandoned factory building, with a chain link fence topped with barbed wire, a train yard, a private garage and a city underpass. We deduced that graffiti is more likely to be “repaired” (painted over) on public property than private property. It was noted that this repair comes at the tax payers expense.
One student commented that just scrawling names or initials “isn’t art”, but that some graffiti could be considered art. It was acknowledged that, in any case, it is illegal. It was also noted that many Graffiti artists have been moving away from (unauthorized) Guerrilla Art, and toward authorized public art, seeking permission to paint on walls in urban settings.

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