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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Our Artist’s Community Expands

We were fortunate to have a visit and demonstration yesterday from an RMS parent and potter. She demonstrated all the steps involved in “throwing” pottery on the wheel (when a pot is made using a potter’s wheel, it is called “throwing.”) She showed students about “wedging” (kneading the clay to prepare it for the wheel), “centering” (getting the lump to spin in a balanced way in the center of the wheel-head), “opening” (making a hole in the center of the pot), “pulling”(lifting the clay to make tall and wide sides) and “shaping” (altering the shape of the pot by pushing it in or out). She cut a pot in half to show the evenness of the clay walls, demonstrated a cylinder shape (for a mug or a vase) and then how to make a bowl. She also brought in some of her own work in various stages of completion for students to see. I took pictures through out the demo to use later in a “how to” menu, which will be hung in the clay center for reference.
THANK YOU to this parent for joining our RMS Artist Community!

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