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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Middle School Elective - Graffiti and Guerilla Art

Is it art or vandalism? Students are investigating graffiti and the concept of “Guerrilla Art”, which we have defined as “hit and run” art, or unauthorized art in public places. Students have designed their own “Tag” and practiced using spray paint on large cardboard panels to create contemporary images and convey original ideas. Students have gone outside to explore the use of naturally occurring materials to produce public art within the Rocky Mountain School environment, and have begun to search for opportunities within the school to alter and comment on their daily surroundings. Students are working individually and collaboratively to initiate and execute artistic commentary, and hope to take a field trip to look for examples of graffiti and other forms of Guerilla art in the greater Boulder area. A planned final collaborative project will impact the entire RMS community

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