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Sunday, May 29, 2005

At Last ! The Clay Center is OPEN!!

When I started at RMS, there was a potter’s wheel stashed under the art teacher’s desk. I left it there for the first year, and just kept an eye on it. The next year, I took it out, and students and I tried it out. Not much luck. We weren’t even sitting at it right! The next year, I took pottery lessons and let the oldest students have one turn each. The following year, I installed a college student to sit at the wheel while the kids worked, so that all classes got to try. A generous parent and a potter also came in to help that year to help ensure our success. Pottery was no easy task in a space without a sink! But students loved using the wheel, so we carried on anyway.
This year, as I was preparing the art room for the kiln, the Boulder Potter’s Guild called and offered us a second wheel. Now, with a sink handy and two wheels to use, students have greater access to this challenging, exciting process.

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