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Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Plan and Execution

This is what can happen in a Choice Based Art program: A 7-year-old student arrived in class today with a folded up “plan” (It was the FIRST day back from a two week break). On the outside it said “take to art on Tuesday and Friday. Put in backpack”. Inside was a detailed drawing of a swing set, complete with grass and sky and clouds, and the words: Make on Tuesday. And if you need to on Friday”
This student planned not only what she would do in class today, but also built in provisions for the project taking more than one session. I asked her if she knew what materials she would use. She told me “no, but I’m sure I can find what I need” And she did. She proceeded to make a working swing “for my little dinos”, complete with green grass all around. She made a title card, but declined my invitation to leave it at school for display, taking it home instead for her dinosaurs to start enjoying right away.

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