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Saturday, December 04, 2004

Creative Process

Two students in Mr. Bee’s class have been collaborating on a project to build a model aircraft. They wanted to make this craft in 3-D, but decided to start with a diagram detailing the scale and shape of various main pieces. This took most of one class period. Next, they arrived in class ready to cut pieces from foam-core board and mat board, and started to assemble the ship. This took a second art period. On the third day, the students arrived with a small-scale Lego model they had created outside of class, which showed in greater detail what their ship would look like. They could now work from this model, 3-D to 3-D. Now and then they would come to me with carefully measured pieces to be cut on the paper cutter (this was my suggestion, after watching them struggle to cut the board with scissors).
These students arrive for class with purpose and enthusiasm. They have been thinking about their project outside of class, and have prepared materials to bring in to work with. They are working as a team, solving problems together, making choices and dividing the work. They set up their own workspace, work at their own pace and put things away when they’re done.
*(The photo I am posting is the project still in process. I will post again when it is complete.)

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